Comparing the 3 Best Outlook PST Recovery Software

MS Outlook, one of the most widely used email client which is used by a number of individuals and organizations for safe and reliable communication. One can not only use Outlook to send/receive emails but to manage, contacts, tasks, calendars, notes etc also. MS Outlook uses a single file to store user emails and other information known as Personal Storage Table. The extension of this file is .pst and stored locally on users’ system. This PST file is prone to corruptions due to various reasons like improper shut down of email client, virus attacks and sometimes due to size limits.

Once PST file gets corrupted all the work comes to a halt and you need to repair the corrupt PST file immediately to make Outlook work again. Microsoft does provide a free application called Inbox Repair Tool(Scanpst.exe) to repair the various corruptions issues related to PST file but sometimes the Inbox Repair Tool is not able to repair the PST file and in such scenarios you need to repair the PST file with third party PST Recovery Software.

Below is the comprehensive yet quick comparison of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair, Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery and Kernel Outlook Repair.

Stellar Repair for Outlook
Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery DataNumen Outlook Repair
$99download Download PST Repair  $149 downloadDownload Free $199download Download Free
Over 44,128 downloads on Cnet Just 8,666 downloads in more than 6 years on Cnet 24,071 downloads on Cnet
Ranked #34 in all E-Mail utilities on Cnet No rank achieved Ranked #24 in all E-Mail utilities on Cnet
Fully supports Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista 7/8/10 (Well tested and tried on all) Supports Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012.
Supports recovery from MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP), and 2000 (Supports both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Outlook 2016, 2013 and 2010) Supports recovery from Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 98, 97 (Latest versions not supported) MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 (XP),and 2000, 98, 97 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
Repairs corrupt and damaged files and restore data into separate file YES YES YES
Can run with MS outlook running YES NO YES
Capability to find PST files in your hard drive YES, Very quickly                    from any disk partition or specific folder – View Snapshot YES but takes too much time, only search drives, not any specific folder – View Snapshot YES, From any disk partition or selected folder – View Snapshot
User Interface Easy to use interface
Themes available  – Office 2007 (Blue, Black, Silver, Aqua), Office 2010 (Blue, Black, Silver), Office 2013 and Office 2016
Not much easy – Themes available but can’t see anything in Office 2007 theme, View Snapshot No themes available but still very user friendly interface
PST file size supported Supports recover of PST files of even more than 50 GB size 2GB and more   16777216 TB (or, 17179869184 GB)
Preview before recovery Show you the actual message content during preview – View Snapshot Don’t show the actual message, ask you to buy for preview/recovery – View Snapshot Show you the actual message contents during preview –
Saves Emails in Different Formats Can save in 5 different formats – MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, and PDF Save in plain text, HTML and RTF format Individual or selected items can be saved MSG and EML formats
Supports Recovery of Accidentally Deleted Emails YES YES YES
Selective/filtered Recovery Search mails by Sender, Recipient, Date, or Subject as required No selected recovery feature available YES
Recovers from Encrypted and Password Protected PST YES YES YES
Allows Saving PST at Desired Location YES YES YES
Recovers email properties such as Subject, To, From, CC, BCC, Date and Time YES YES YES
Recovers folders, posts, appointments, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, meeting requests, journals, notes, etc. YES YES YES
Recovers attachments, including the documents and images attached to messages and embedded in HTML bodies YES YES YES
Scan Engine Powerful new scan engine updated in October 2018 No details available Advanced algorithms and scan engine
Create detailed log of activities performed during the repair/recovery process YES NO YES
Recover e-mails even after the Deleted Items folder has been emptied YES YES YES
Quick Specifications View View View

If you already have tried/used any of these Outlook PST recovery software, please let us know in comments.

Top 5 Methods To Recover Corrupt Excel Files

MS Excel is a prominent tool to save large number of data sets. It is the preferred choice for individuals working in banking and financial sector, data analytics, directory management and others. Moreover, Excel files act as a universal file format as the data from these files can be easily extracted and move to other applications. With such a huge amount of data, there is always a challenge of corruption, and corrupt excel file affect large number of users. So, the question comes how to recover corrupt Excel files and repair them.

Here are some of the techniques that let users recover accidentally deleted data from Excel sheets, users can repair the damaged excel file for free. Most of the users repair excel files online from non-trusted sources which pose threat to Try these manual methods for Excel file data recovery.

Open and Repair Method

This is an instant process to recover excel files

excel file repair
  • Start MS Excel tool in your system
  • Now go to File and click on ‘Open’
  • Browse the path where corrupt excel file is stored
  • Now click only once and then click on drop down menu under Open button
  • Click on ‘Open and Repair’
  • Excel will use its engine for recovery and open file without any error.

Recover Excel Data with Calculation Option as Manual

recover excel from calculation method

‘Excel Workbook fails to open’ this problem can be resolved by following steps

  • Open MS Excel and then click on New and select blank workbook
  • From File go to Options and then Formulas
  • Go to Calculation Options and then choose ‘Manual’
repair damaged excel file
  • Save changes and click Ok
  • Now open the corrupt Excel file, it will open without any errors

Excel File Recovery from Open Workbook

It seems to be very annoying while working on excel sheet. Every time you make an entry an error prompts out, this can be fixed by saving Excel to last saved version

  • Start MS Excel, click on File and then Open
  • Now browse to the file that is already open and it will prompt to reopen the file
  • Click Yes and the excel file will open with previous details.

Use Excel Protected Views

The Excel files can be repaired if they are open in protected views

  • Open MS Excel>> Files and then Options
  • Now click on Trust Centre then settings and protected view tabs
  • A new window will open, uncheck all the options displayed, click OK
  • Move to File Block Settings and then uncheck options
  • Click OK and restart MS Excel

Recover Only Excel Data from Corrupt File

If the Excel file is highly damaged, then it is recommended to extract only data from the file leaving calculations, functions, values aside.

  • Start MS Excel>> File >>Open
  • Move to the folder where Excel file is stored,
  • Now right click on the excel sheet and select copy. Click on the cancel button
  • Create a new file in MS Excel
  • In the first column of first row i.e. A1 type=!1 and click Enter
excel file not open
  • Select corrupt excel workbook in Update Values section. It will appear after Enter key is pressed in above steps
  • Select excel sheet from the dialogue box and click Ok
  • Go to cell A1, then Home and click on Copy
  • Select (start from the cell A1) an area equal to that of the data in the original workbook
  • Go to Home tab and click paste
  • Go to Home again and copy the same cells
  • From the paste option expand drop-down menu and then click values
paste excel values for recovery
  • In this way the links, functions will be removed leaving only data in excel sheet

These are some of the techniques that can be used to repair and recover corrupt Excel files for free.  If above stated methods won’t work you still have the option of third party Excel Repair Tool left, using the excel recovery software you can remove all the errors from corrupt Excel file easily.

Resolve Lotus Notes Error ‘File Does Not Exists’

Lotus Notes is an email application from IBM. Like Outlook Lotus Notes is used by large number of customers especially from IBM. This email application is the second choice of user after Outlook as the Outlook application is globally recognized for it’s amazing features. IBM Notes or Lotus Notes is highly known for its security feature. The Lotus notes uses NSF file format for data storage and problem in NSF file lead to errors like ‘File does not exists’. Here we will know to resolve the xyz.nsf file not found error without using NSF Repair Tool

This error completely isolates the Lotus Note file from the email application. Data stored in NSF file mailbox becomes completely isolated. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons that causes ‘File does not exist’ error in Lotus Notes and how they can be solved.

Causes of NSF File Does not Exist in Lotus Notes

  • Lost network connection
  • Working on a platform on network that is not reliable
  • Trying to access the file which is not available in Lotus Notes or moved somewhere
  • Attachments, notes, tasks folder is deleted

Common Fixes for Lotus Notes File Not Found Error

The foremost thing is to check that internet connection is available and check all network adapters are working smoothly

  • Too many external storage devices attached to system creates conflict, so remove all the un-necessary attached drives.
  • Make sure you type the correct path to the file or the name of file which is to be accessed
  • You can also use the .ntf extension to access the names.nsf, cache.ndk, desktop.ndk and bookmarks.nsf in Notes\ Data Directory.

Getting Files Not Existing Error During E-mail Archive

In most of the cases it happens that when archiving the old mails in Lotus notes the user get the error message ‘File does not exist’. One of the common reason to get email error during archive is that file is either rename or moved

  • Resolve NSF Archive File Error
  • Open Lotus Notes, go to File >> Database
  • Click on Properties>> Archive settings option
  • Create a new NSF file and then rename it to same name at same location.

So In this way you can repair the NSF File does not exists in Lotus Notes error.

How to track husband phone without knowing him?

Many women want to track their husbands and their phones for multiple reasons. Nowadays, cheating is rife and every couple is worried about it. Not only men, women are also cheating on their husbands. Such people believe they can’t be tracked and nothing can be done about them. But they live in a fool’s paradise.

With spy and monitoring apps, this has become possible. So if anyone is cheating on their partners, they should think they might be tracked and all of their activities will be known to their partners. It is better that couples should fix the problems when they are in a relationship. But if still things remain the same, we have a solution for you.

Use BlurSPY App to Track Phone of Your Husband

BlurSPY is advanced Android spy software and monitoring app designed for parents, spouses as well as employers. Parents want to keep a check on the phone activities of their children and a partner wants to track the phone of their husband. Similarly, employers can also make use of this app to track their employees and staff whenever they feel a need.

Before we talk about you can do this, there is a need to understand the legal issues. Monitoring of anyone might cause problems for you if you are doing it without their knowledge. Every state has laws and rules that people have to abide by in order to live peacefully. For monitoring, there are laws that women who want to monitor their husbands should know and understand well before spying on them.

The great thing about BlurSPY is it works in the background without letting the target person know about it. To install the app, you will have to once physically access the phone. You will then download the app through a link and it will be installed. After that, you don’t need to physically access the phone. Every activity and monitoring can be done remotely. You will just have to activate commands or features that you want to use to track the device.

You might be thinking what you can do with this app when it comes to spying on your husband. The app offers a lot of features that make it a popular spy app. From calls to messages, social media to browsing history, multimedia to locations and what not- the app does every kind of monitoring in a fantastic way. Following are the features of BlurSPY that you can use to track the phone of your husband.

Tap All of their Calls

With BlurSPY, wives can tap all the incoming and outgoing calls of their husbands’ phones. The feature is turned on after installing the app and logging into it. As you will turn on, the app will let you listen to their calls live. You can also record any incoming and outgoing call on their phones. Furthermore, the app powers its users to block any numbers, restrict their calls and delete them from the phone.

Check Text Messages

After calls, you can check their text messages. With this feature, you will have access to all the sent and received messages along with the text body. You can also block any number to not allow messages on the target device.

Track Locations

BlurSPY has a feature that allows the users to track the live GPS location of the target device. As you will turn on this feature, the app will give you the exact live location of the phone. It also keeps record of the weekly data showing all the locations the target person has been visiting. You can also mark certain areas as unsafe. As soon as the target device reaches there, you will get an alert and a notification.

Sneak into WhatsApp

If you think your husband is using WhatsApp to talk to someone, you should not be worried at all. BlurSPY has a feature that gives you access to the WhatsApp of the target phone. You can see their messages, numbers, chats, text of the conversations, audio as well as video call details and a lot more. This can make you feel more powerful.

Surround Monitoring

Women who want to capture and record the sounds in the surroundings of their husbands, they can use this feature. After activating, the Spy app records all the ambient voices and sounds near the phone. The files are uploaded in the dashboard where you can access them.

Author Bio

Mia Sophia is a social media experimentalist and blogger and she is geek in technology and mobile apps development. She writes lot about digital parenting and the dangers for teenage use of cell phone. Follow my account to get latest scoop of technology updates.

10 Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Self about Call Centre Software Solutions

Has the thought crossed your mind that your call centre software solution is not suitable for your team? If so then this is the right time to sit down and evaluate the current call centre software solution. Given below are some of the 10 important questions you need to ask yourself about call centre software solutions, and once you have finished responding to all of them then it is time to move on with the decisions that would fit with your team needs and requirements.

Am I able to access my call centre from anywhere I need whenever I need too?

Have I been driving in office on Saturday to pull out the metrics for Monday morning meeting? Does my call centre fall apart when I travel and do not have the access to call centre monitoring, real time metrics and call conferencing when I am out of office? Do I wonder how the graveyard shift sounds on all the live calls but do not want to drive to office in order to find out why. You need to remember that progressive call centres are browser based and thus all the teams would need to use them through computer and internet connection. And if you like to access your call centre software while you are at home then travelling out of office, browser based call centre would be the best option for you.

Am I paying too much that what’s required?

How much is my current call centre software solution costing me and my business each and every month? How much am I paying for the calls? The Add-ons? Is the amount more than what I could actually afford. Is it really worth paying so much? So if your current software solution has become too expensive due to the hidden, add-ons and skyrocketing telecom costs, then it is the right time to consider switching to a more affordable solution with all inclusive pricing. This would make it even simpler to allocate the sufficient funds leveraging a new contact centre software solution so that when the bill comes the sticker shock won’t be there.

Is the current solution really scaling with my team?

If the current solution does not seem to keep up with your team changing business then it’s the right time to switch to another that could help you cope up with your team. So try and make a list of all the contact centre software solutions must haves and see if the current solution matches it all the haves or not as mentioned in your list. And if it does not then it’s time that you find one that does.

Do the agents find the call centre software solutions helpful and easy to use?

If there are agents to complain about your call centre software solutions then it is high time that you do have a look at it. After all they are the ones who use it day in and day out so they have to say if whether it fits their team or not. So try and take out time in order to poll your agents about the features they have been struggling with, the features that they have been carving out and some other call centre software pain points. And in case you find their complaints valid then it is time that you take the leverage of getting solutions that could meet up with all their needs and requirements.

Have I been spending a long time for upgrading the current solution?

Updating an antiquated software solution and infrastructure is a time consuming process. So when the costs outweigh the benefits of having an on premise solution then it’s the right time that you move to cloud based or browser based call centre software solutions.

To conclude if you’re current software solution is not providing you with sufficient support and your businesses has been suffering as a result, then try and consider moving to a solution that would lead you with some better results. While evaluating a new call centre software vendor do not forget to ask about their average response time, support channels, how many support agents do they have on staff and the support hours of availability.

Author Bio:

Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and Finance and Accounting outsourcing services. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services India delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains.

How to Recover from Outlook Send/Receive Errors

It is really very annoying when you are not able to send or receive emails when it matters most and you are presented with  different error codes. There are large set of error codes which appears but there are some common solutions which helps user to recover from these errors. There are few steps which needs to be followed to get back Outlook to working again.

  • Check your email account settings.

If you have configured new mail account and send/receive error occurs, you should verify that the account settings entered by you is correct. Account settings can be verified with ISP or the email administrator. More about email settings of various free email providers can be found here.

When you are trying to send a message from another network than the network where the mailbox is located (for instance, from a hotel or a wifi hotspot, then you need to enable authentication for the configured SMTP server as well.

When Outlook worked before and you’re suddenly presented with send/receive errors, it is still good practice to verify your account settings and make sure that they are current. For example, several ISPs have increased their email security settings which could require you to enable SSL or make port changes. Also, sometimes they have merged with other ISPs and decommission the old account settings over time requiring you to make changes.

Trying your account settings on another computer or creating an additional mail profile for testing could help you determining if it is an issue with your current account configuration settings.

  • Disable virus scanner integration.

Virus scanners which integrates themselves with Outlook are a known source of causing all sorts of send receive issues. For instance, the following time-out issues are often a result of this;
-The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server
-A time-out occurred while communicating with the server
Other issues that are often caused by having a virus scanner integrated with Outlook are;
-Outlook being very slow in collecting your email
-Messages ending up stuck in your Outbox (also see below)
-Messages being sent but never received
-Sending or receiving blank messages
-General message corruption
Disabling your virus scanner’s integration with Outlook does not compromise your security as you’d still be sufficiently protected by the on-access scanner part of the virus scanner. For more details see; Disable virus scanner integration?

  • Check your firewall settings.

Firewalls can block incoming and outgoing traffic so make sure that Outlook and/or the required ports for email are listed as an exception to go through.

If you are presented with send/receive errors after updating Outlook, you probably need to reconfigure your firewall to re-allow Outlook to pass-through again. This is because several firewall solutions (such as ZoneAlarm) verify via a hash that it is indeed the correct outlook.exe that is trying to pass through the firewall and not some virus which named itself outlook.exe. Since with some updates the outlook.exe gets updated as well, you’ll need to accept it as safe again. You can find more information about this in the manual of your firewall solution.

  • Issues with add-ins

Aside from virus scanners, there could be other add-ins installed which integrate itself with the send/receive process of Outlook. Loading Outlook in Safe Mode is a good first step to see if add-ins are indeed the cause of the issues.
To further troubleshoot add-ins, manually disable each of them and re-enable them one-by-one to find the culprit.

  • Check data store integrity

If there are issues with the delivery location (your Outlook mailbox), then this could result in send/receive issues. Checking the integrity of your delivery location can be done with scanpst.exe or scanost.exe (depending on your mail account type). In some cases you’ll need to run the pst2gb tool when the data store is full.

If you are using an Exchange account, then you could also try it with Cached Exchange Mode disabled and see if it works correctly now. If it does, rename the ost-file to .old and have Outlook rebuild the ost-file or verify that the configured location for the ost-file in your account settings is valid.

  • Stuck message or hidden read receipt

A message stuck in the Outbox if often the main source of send/receive error. While you can easily spot a stuck message in Outbox, It is hard to determine the message with Read Receipt which are hidden messages and it become hard to recover from send/receive errors.

10 Steps To Secure Your Computer And Online Accounts

With hackers getting more proficient every day, it’s tough for software engineers to stay ahead of them. It’s up to consumers to do our part to not make it easy for hackers to gain access to our computers and accounts.

1. Keep your firewall turned on. 
The Windows operating system that is already on PC laptops and desktops when you buy them have a built in firewall. Keeping it turned on is a basic step for IT security.

2. Install or update your antivirus software 
Most newer computers are equipped with antivirus software when you buy them, but if yours doesn’t have it, you can buy brand names like Norton or McAfee.

3. Install or update your antispyware technology 
Spyware is software that allows others to watch what you do when you are online and the FBI’s website recommends antispyware. It can also be used to steal your passwords and private information. Be cautious about downloading antispyware from the Internet, especially the free ones, because that is more than likely spyware instead of antispyware.

4 .Keep your operating system up to date 
Install the latest updates on your operating system. Microsoft regularly updates Windows to fix any security breaches its software engineers have detected that make it easier for hackers to gain access. Even though it may seem inconvenient to take the time for these updates, it’s time well spent and in your best interests. If you are still using Windows XP, you won’t be able to get updates because Microsoft stopped supporting the XP operating system as of April 8, 2014.

5. Set a strong password 
Don’t use the same password for everything, and don’t use the names of your kids, pets, addresses or birthdates. Choose something for every one of your online accounts with both letters and numbers that can’t easily be figured out by a hacker.

6. Be careful what you download 
Look carefully at the source of the material you are about to download. Only download information from well-known source sites so you won’t inadvertently be also downloading a virus or spyware along with your information. And, you must also be careful downloading mobile apps to your tablets and phones. Download only those from well-known, recommended sources.

7. Be cautious when opening emails 
Never open an email from someone you don’t know or from a site you haven’t subscribed to. Delete them and report them as spam. These days you must also be careful opening emails from people you do know if the email looks like something they would not have sent.

8. Turn off your computer 
It may seem more convenient to leave your computer on so you don’t have to wait for it to boot up every time you want to use it. But, whenever it is on, it is also giving hackers, including automated bot programs, an opportunity to hack into your information. When you turn your computer off, it breaks the connection.

9. Back up your data 
It bears repeating to back-up everything on your computer so you have it in the event of a crash or if your computer is stolen or damaged.

10. Use HTTPS everywhere plug-in for Firefox and Chrome browsers 
When you are on a web address that begins with https instead of http, that is a sign you are in safe territory and can’t be spied upon. Some security experts also recommend using a virtual private network, especially when using public Wi-fi. The FBI didn’t recommend this one since a VPN also makes it more difficult for the government to access your computer.

Katrina is a product specialist, solving issues for your computer server and power needs at Racksolutions.com

Know How a NSF file to PST File Converter Can Make Migration Convenient

Lotus Notes is essentially targeted at business enterprises. Integrating the features of a standard emailing tool and a convenient document database system, Notes has been the prime choice for many of the business organizations and government bodies. However, recently it has been noticed that a large number of users are looking forward for convenient and precise solution to migrate Outlook. What is the reason behind this massive flock of users opting for migration to Outlook? Why has Outlook created so much of buzz?

nsf to pst

It has all happened with the launch of new facilities and features in Exchange server. Microsoft has gained some ground by providing the same collaborative facilities as Notes in business organizations. To be very precise, Microsoft has outshone Lotus Notes with its faster processing, simpler navigation and extraneous facility to support internet standards. Most importantly it is very simple and easy to operate unlike the complexities associated with Lotus Notes. Once the users have decided to give it a go for migration process, there are few other concerns which still lurks on a user’s mind.

Challenges of Migration Procedure

As we know that the proprietary file format for Notes is NSF file format. The NSF file is considered as a container which contains a list of many resources which a Notes or Domino applications employs. It can contain files, objects, graphics, etc. All these information are stored in a generic format which is called as notes. Now, these NSF files when migrated to Outlook cannot be opened .Reason being Outlook has no support to read NSF file format and its proprietary file format is PST. In such cases one of the options that stand as an alternative is to convert the NSF file into PST files. The migration procedure is not as easy it sounds. The transition from Notes to Outlook can be really challenging as years of data saved over Notes in NSF file formats have to be converted into PST file format. In such situations, a user can hardly bear the loss of any data while migration is taking place.

Availing Third-Party Solution

Since there are no precise manual methods that would enable a perfect conversion of NSF file format to PST file format. In such a case a user needs to depend on a third-party solution. One such tool is NSF file to PST file converter which proficiently exports all the NSF file items likes emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, etc. from Lotus Notes to Outlook platform

5 Signs that tell you it’s Time to Upgrade Your CRM Software Solutions

Many business organizations continue to face issues due to outdated CRM software. Organizations would here want to invest in one software solution and then want to keep it no matter how costly it is. When you buy it the organization would work without any problem enhancing your team performance and productivity. And like anything to do with technology however a software can turn out to be an outdated and archaic over time. Not only outdated software would help in slowing thing down but would also lead to harm to the reputation of the organization. Given here are the 5 important things you need to look which in turn would be indicating it’s time for you to find a new software solution.

Your Software is too complicated for other to use: More and more features do not mean it’s good or better. In fact the more complicated the tool seems to be the more and more training your employees here would need. This would here mean that the lost time and the lost productivity hours. The Software needs to be something above all mentioned above, and in case you need hours of instruction of how you actually need to use it then it’s going to be too heavy for you.

Sales team not using CRM on the road: The provision of mobile CRM should be the top priority for the organizations that have been using CRM from a longer period of time. When it comes to the sales and service professionals in particular the benefits of accessing the client’s information anytime anywhere on a device are obvious. Sales and service teams of a specific business organization can see in productivity utilizing the CRM accessing and updating customer and prospect intelligence for the go.

You want your work to be on the cloud: There are three major reasons as to why you need to continue using installed project management software solutions: if you have a security concern, having a network connectivity issue, or an outdated software, having a highly customized system. Most team have founded that the quick communication, seamless integration and easy implementation make cloud based software worth it.

Inaccessible Information: If you wanted to know the email addresses that you sent an email blast last month, how long would it actually take for you to find out specific information. If you have asked the employees how many calls they have made today or how long would it take for them to tabulate the entire information. For organizations that rely on the content management systems and spreadsheets that have to be constantly updated and reconciled manually then it would take a really long time for them to wait. The pace of your business is faster than ever before which would here mean that the employees of a specific business organization would require an immediate access to the required data. So why not take an advantage of it.

Sharp Learning Curve: One of the major advantages to a new software solution is that it has been designed to be easily implemented and used. This would here mean that it would be simpler and faster to deploy. Older and obsolete software would here require to be clunky and complicated enough making it challenging enough to train the new staff who has joined the team. The result here is that it’s a waste of time and resources that could be spent on other especially in terms of business development and the customer service.

So have you outgrown your CRM software solution for your business organization? What were the tell-tales signs? Then leave your answers in the comments box below.

Author Bio:

Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management software solution for small business. His main mission is to reveal the innovative ideas of using Dynamics CRM and bringing the application to more businesses and organizations around the world.



What Is An Ebook?

An ebook is a term used to describe a book or booklet that is written in its entirety to be transmitted and read entirely by the internet. The ebook can be composed in a word processor and then saved in a PDF format so that it can be easily preserved and distributed.

The concept of ebooks has really caught on because they are so easily put together and distributed, and that opens up worlds of opportunity to disseminate information in a very detailed manner.


An ebook can be used in marketing as a way for people to give up their email address in exchange for the information in the ebook. If you can write on a topic that shows someone how to do something important, such as raise chinchillas or construct a hydroponic garden in your garage, you are on track.

A good construction model for an ebook would involve an table of contents, and introduction and different successive chapters, each describing in detail information about subtopics having to do with the overall theme. Ebooks are not overly long, being no more than 10,000 to 20,000 words, compared to the average novel which normally consists of between 70,000 to 100,000 words.

Ebooks should be informative and to the point. People are generally distracted by something every one to five minutes, so your content needs to be compelling enough to compete with a person’s email, their smart phone, and the internet of course. Then there is the radio and television, and other members of a family, pets, etc.

A person who requests an ebook is definitely someone who is interested enough in your topic and subject matter to know that they will probably be spending some time reading it, so write your content accordingly. Link the thought process from chapter to chapter in such a way as to carry the theme all throughout the ebook. Be sure to put a hook at the end of each chapter, making the reader want to go to the next chapter without delay.

It is estimated that the ebook concept was originated in the early 70’s, but it was not until around 2004 that Google championed the name of “Ebook” as a way to write a short book and then have the means of distributing it electronically for free, or for profit.

Now there are are millions of ebooks available when you factor in the amount of ebooks that are really full length novels available on Amazon Kindle and similar venues. Ebooks in that venue have become a very popular method for authors to self publish their own works and not have to go through the rigors of having to convince a publishing house of the merit of their work.

The ebook has certainly become an excellent way to push out information about your own thoughts, philosophies and ideas, as well as having become an accepted platform for anyone to write commercially. If you you have yet to write your first ebook, there is no time like the present to get started.

Author : Aria Meyer is a freelance write and an active blogger. She writes mainly about fashion and technology, but she also writes about other topics too. She is currently working with several ecommerce websites to help them with content. Aria got her Bachelor Degree from Cal State Long Beach and currently living in Walnut, CA. Right now, she is working closely with Meritline to help them grow the marketing department.

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